Beautiful glow!

on February 24, 2018
Size: Pyramid Shape|Verified Purchase
Arrived on time in perfect condition. Love the ‘dimmer switch’ feature. Makes a wonderful ‘night light when on a dim setting, and throws a beautiful light in all settings. I ordered another for the guest room.

It is bigger than I thought and arrived in perfect condition. I works and looks great!

on January 27, 2018
Size: Pyramid Shape|Verified Purchase
I have to give this salt lamp five stars. It is bigger than I thought and arrived in perfect condition. I works and looks great!!! I especially like that you can adjust the light brightness to what you need.

Really cool!

on May 24, 2017
Size: Pyramid Shape|Verified Purchase

Himalayan Salt lamps are awesome. The negative ions they release not only cleanse the air naturally, but give a nice freshness that reminds me of the great outdoors. But this one, cut in the shape of a pyramid, almost has a mystical feel to it. What’s really nice is how easy it is to get to the bulb. Just turn it over and slide the light assembly out. It has two spring loaded prongs so you just push them inwards and slide the assembly back in when you change the bulb. This thing is great. Gives a great ambience.

The only issue to be aware of is that they stick a silica gel pack inside the pyramid. You have to remove the light assembly to get it out. If you don’t, it could start a fire. Seems a little stupid (they do put a warning in the package but 3/4 of the people out there don’t read them). So make sure you check.

Stunning packaging and perfect for gift!

on October 21, 2016
Size: 8-9 INCH|Verified Purchase
So impressed! Gorgeous & stunning packaging with complete product detail on packaging and doesn’t interfere with your circadian rhythms even when left on all night. Absolutely stunning in appearance. I have wanted a salt lamp for quite awhile. I love this one. It is high quality and very pretty It is just as pretty unlit as it is with the light on. It makes a really great conversation piece, too. Very relaxing and smoothing. Exceptional product!