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IndusClassic® is an American based company in Houston, TX and three manufacturing facilities based in PAKISTAN formed in 2007 with one mission to provide quality OEM, ODM or NON-OEM services as a reliable source of HIMALAYAN ROCK SALT PRODUCTS to any medium to large business around the world.

We are pioneer in manufacturing innovative Himalayan Rock Salt Consumer Products with absolute highest level of professional service. Our philosophy is simple, we treat our clients with best of our abilities with every means and resources, so they can grow. Ultimately, they will bring the contribution of our success.

We source one of the best quality Himalayan Salt from Himalayas. 32 industries are using Himalayan salt according to their need. It can be used for ionization as a Salt Lamp, Gourmet Himalayan Salt for eating and can be used for organic food processing & herbal vitamins.  Himalayan Bath Salt for soaking, Himalayan Salt Block for cooking, constructing Salt Therapy Room & Interior Decoration.

Himalayan rock salt comes in 27 different colors and shades. All those colors are available for demonstration!

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